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Why Boxful Fulfillment?

Increase Your SME’s Efficiency
Cloud inventory management, one-click fulfillment
All of your inventory will be uploaded to Boxful's proprietary WMS, giving you full real-time access to every single item. Shipping goods and keeping track never used to be this easy
Save on Fixed Costs
Flexible storage pricing, only pay for the space you use
Business can be seasonal, we get it. Stop paying extra for storage space by going with Boxful. With our flexible pricing, we make sure you are only paying for the space you are using, down to the day
Streamline Your B2B Operations
Integrate with your downstream
Boxful’s own integrated system lets downstream companies pull inventory, all you need to do is give confirmation. No more drowning in emails and phone calls. Getting goods from HQ to retail, or supplier to customer has never been simpler. So you can focus on growing your business
Never Run Low on Product
Real-time warehouse management
With Inventory Notifications and Inventory Estimation tools, our control panel helps you plan for the future and never lose sight of your stock. You’ll always be ahead of your competition
Upgrade Your Warehousing
247 safety, security & environment control
Boxful is known for quality of warehousing. So you can rest assured that your goods are protected by motion-sensing cameras, world-class alarms, 24H security, top fire protection standards and a fully temperature and humidity controlled environment

Customize At Every Step


What We Manage For You

B2B Inventory
Lower your fixed costs
Cloud Inventory Management
Smoothen your seasonality
eCommerce Fulfillment
Ship with one click
Easy inbound, easy outbound
Efficient all-channel shipping
Corporate Documents
Your most secure solution
Online cataloguing
24hr safety & environment control
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